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Blown film machine can replace the imported film blowing machine several advantages

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Blown film machine can replace the imported film blowing machine several advantages

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Blown film machine can replace the imported film blowing machine several advantages

High-grade blown film crew is mainly in agricultural films, film, geomembrane production equipment has made significant achievements in the field, no matter from the technical grade of the product or the market share in the domestic leading position, and with independent intellectual property rights 38.High-grade packaging film production equipment, also marksDalian plastics blown film lineFactory research and development to develop in a wide area.

Five layers co-extrusion film blowing film machine with international advanced level, mainly displays in the design and key technology of the unit.

The first is the unit used five layer fraternal combination nose cone.The form of coextrusion head is currently the most advanced form of the nose, its superior axial co-extrusion structure to overcome the traditional cylindrical center symmetrical radial co-extrusion head many defects.Its each layer mold through a conical axial superposition, interlayer structure can be arbitrary combination: layer can also upgrade, the increase of the layer does not affect the mould outer diameter size, there is no layer increases the melt pressure drop increase and melt the degradation increased likelihood of problems;The temperature of each layer can be individually controlled, so different material with suitable temperature;At the same time for the die head cleaning more convenient.

Development of high-end technology blown film machine, blown film can also be used for many applications such as food preservation technology, take a new road of the blown film machinery manufacturing.Blown film machine blown out of a special plastic wrap, using advanced technology, the resistance to put fruits and vegetables over a long period of time.In order to meet the need of social product and environmental protection needs,Plastic film blowing machineWill continue to introduce advanced technology, the adjustment of industry pattern, to high-end plastics industry.

Secondly, it adopts the horizontal film rotating traction system.Huarui company is the domestic first launched rotating traction techniques.The system through a sector gear movement, make whole traction system relative to the nose and vesicular and 18 (P uniform turned slowly, make the film thickness of trace points evenly distributed on the film roll, thus can greatly improve the quality of the appearance of the film roll. Five layers co-extrusion film blowing unit USES a number of advanced technology, its advanced performance, reasonable price, determines its superiority compared with foreign equipment. Determines the broad market space.

A third is successful in using the most advanced film blowing film machine field control technology (PROFIBUS). Not only the production line itself all functions and operating conditions (temperature, pressure, speed, working position state agencies, etc.) implementing the centralized computer control. It can realize multiple devices remote control.The move for plastics processing enterprise production management using the ERP system, provides a favorable conditions to develop in the direction of the enterprise information.

Four is the introduction of Germany's most advanced IB113c membrane technology of cold inside the bubble.The system is mainly composed of gas exchange device, the cold wind, into the exhaust fan, etc.IBC film cooling system inside the bubble can rapid cooling film, film in the heat inside the bubble, air conditioning, effectively reduce the membrane temperature. Increasing production, protect film mechanical properties and thickness uniformity.

Dalian blown film crewCompanies from outside the introduction of advanced technology, is a professional production of plastic plastic film blowing machine equipment company, the design is novel, the craft is advanced, technical force is abundant, the seriation, standardization, products have sold well all over the country, favored by the customers.Welcome to inquire!0411-86260347

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