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Plastic blown film what are the precautions for the body to maintain?

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Plastic blown film what are the precautions for the body to maintain?

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Plastic blown film what are the precautions for the body to maintain?

Friends in dalian rock plastic machinery co., LTD., from outside the introduction of advanced technology, is a professional production of plastic machinery equipment company, the design is novel, the craft is advanced, technical force is abundant, the seriation, standardization, products have sold well all over the country, favored by the customers.Production of high and low density polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE), polypropylene (PP) film line, farming, film, greenhouse film units, three layers co-extrusion composite membrane units, etc.

plasticBlown film machineBody maintenance notice:

1, host, after opening, pay close attention to the host running situation and timely adjust, amend, electric meter, controller, observe whether there are abnormal or damaged, replacement and maintenance, to ensure its normal operation.

2, when installation should pay attention to adjust the center line of the extruder head vertical and level with the traction roller center shall not deviate from the skewed.

3, when the winding is gradually increasing because of the winding diameter, please pay attention to the cooperate with traction speed and winding speed, please adjust.

4, often clean up to replace the filter on the inside the nose, to prevent clogging, beware of plastic particles mixed with iron shaw, impurities such as sand, stone to fall within the cylinder, to avoid the damage of screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel.

5, preheating, heat shoulds not be too long and too high, in order to avoid jams mouth;Conditions can use the automatic temperature control system, set up the tolerance automatic temperature stable, convenient and safe.

6, bubble tube of the compressed air should be kept in balance, in the process of traction, compressed air leak out, will be timely added.

7, it is strictly prohibited without material space maneuver to turn, in the cylinder, tee, die temperature, that do not meet the requirements can't start the host.

8, host, gear box, traction reducer should often come on, change gear oil (oil level to achieve scale line), the new model in the use of 10 days or so, please change new gear oil, in order to ensure the normal operation of the rotating parts, to prevent overheating and damage of the difficulty of working, but should also check the connection parts of tight situation, to prevent the bolt is loose.

9, start the main motor, start the motor after speed slowly, after reaching for speed stability;Close the main motor, should slow down after power off.

10, may be damaged due to transport electrical components or thrum off, etc., should be strict inspection, to ensure the personal safety, open authority must meet good ground, and then, the power supply is connected to each part of the strict inspection machine running correctly, and pay attention to the presence of leakage phenomenon.

Air bubble film bag making machine is suitable for the production of polyethylene bubble film, composite pearl cotton material such as hardware, electronic products, small electrical appliances plastic film bags.

1, from the sheet to a complete bag making, reducing floor, working procedure, such as artificial cost.

2, computer fixed length, accurate and stable.

3, automatic counting, counting alarm and can be set and the downtime.

4, bubble film bag making machine adopts microcomputer control computer, step motor drag material (optional) servo motor control system.

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