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PE film blowing machine processing method.Dalian blown film machine manufacturer to know!

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PE film blowing machine processing method.Dalian blown film machine manufacturer to know!

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PE film blowing machine processing method.Dalian blown film machine manufacturer to know!

PE is the most common production method is through the slurry or gas addition method, there are a few in solution phase processing production.All of these processes are composed of vinyl monomer, a - olefin monomer, catalyst system (probably more than one kind of compound) and various types of hydrocarbon diluent in exothermic reaction.

The different processing method of manufacturing PE available is very wide.Ethylene as the main raw material, propylene, 1 - butylene and hexylene copolymer, under the action of catalyst, using slurry polymerization or gas phase polymerization process, the resulting polymer through flash, separation, drying, granulation process, such as to obtain uniform particles of finished products.Such as sheet extrusion, film extrusion, pipe or profile extrusion, blow molding, injection molding and plastic.HDPE is suitable for thermoplastic processing a variety of molding process, forming good processability, such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, rotational molding, coating, foaming process, hot forming, heat sealing welding, heat welding, etc.

Film, PE film processing general using ordinary blown film processing or flat extrusion method.Most used for PE film, general low density PE (LDPE)/linear low density PE (LLDPE) are available.HDPE film grade is commonly used in demand superior stretchability and excellent anti-seepage.For example, HDPE membrane is often used to produce bags, grocery bags and food packaging [4].

Extruded: used for extrusion production grades generally have less than 1 in the melt index and wide to the MWDS wide.In the process of machining, low MI can obtain appropriate melt strength.Wider MWDS grades are more suitable for extrusion, because they have a higher production speed, lower die pressure and melt fracture trend to decrease.

There are a lot of extruded PE purposes, such as wire, cable, hose, pipe and profile.Gas pipe applications range from small section yellow tube to 48 in diameter thick wall used for industrial and urban pipeline clarinet.Large diameter hollow wall work for rainwater drainage pipe made of concrete and the rapid growth in other substitutes sewer pipes.

Type plate and thermoforming: many large picnic cooler thermoforming lining is made of PE, resilient, light weight and durability.Other sheet and thermoforming products include fenders, tank linings, disc basin cover, transport tank and tank.A large number of fast-growing mulch or bottom sheet application of the village, which is based on the MDPE resilient, chemical resistance and impermeability.

Usually used in the manufacture of injection - blowing smaller containers (less than 16 oz), used for packaging drugs, shampoo and cosmetics.One advantage of this process is the production automatic bottle to edges, need not be late dressing like general blow molding processing steps.Although there are some narrow MWDS grade is used to improve the surface finish, in general use to wide wide MWDS grades.

Blow molding, sold in the United States HDPE1/3 above is used to blow molding applications.These range from bleach, milk, oil, detergent and distilled water bottles to large refrigerator, car fuel tank and tank.Blow molding grade characteristic parameters, such as melt strength, ES - CR and toughness, and used for sheet and thermoforming application level similar to that of similar grades can use.

Injection molding: see above material properties.

Rotomolding: using the processing method of the material generally is crushed into a powder material, make it melt in the heat cycle and flow.Commonly used in the two classes: PE rotomolding and crosslinking class.The density of general level MDPE/HDPE usually range from 0.935 to 0.945 g/CC, with narrow MWDS, make the product has a high impact and minimum warp, the melt index range is usually 3-8.MI higher grades are usually not applicable, plastic products because they have no hope of impact and resistance to environmental stress cracking.

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