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HDPE blown film machine factory introduction to the recycling of high density polyethylene

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HDPE blown film machine factory introduction to the recycling of high density polyethylene

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HDPE blown film machine factory introduction to the recycling of high density polyethylene

  HDPE plastic recycling for original materials storehouse is part of the fastest growing market.This is mainly because of its easy to rework, with minimal degradation characteristics and its application in packaging USES a lot.The main recycling is 25% recycled materials, such as consumption after recycled materials (PCR), and pure HDPE after reprocessing used to make contact with the food not to come out of the bottle.

  Process as follows: the polymerization of ethylene (99.9% of ethylene and ethane 0.1%) into the dryer after with loop composed of n-hexane thinner again into the tank reactor, catalyst carrier containing titanium and manganese, triethyl aluminium as cocatalyst.Control of molecular weight to join a small amount of hydrogen, formation of polymerization polyethylene particles, the reaction temperature is 90 ℃, pressure is 1.8 MPa, the reaction can be divided into two steps in two polymerizer, production concentration of 34% (mass fraction) of slurry solids, monomer conversion rate could reach 97%.Polymer flow from the second reactor flash to pressure 0.14 MPa, flash out not reaction of ethylene and ethane in the effluent and 2% cyclohexane diluent via two compression cooling to 2.5 MPa, go to the gas stripping tower will go to the recycling of ethane recovery.Flash to stay after the slurry by the centrifugal separation recycling much thinner, solid cake sent to dryer will be volatile content dropped to around 5% (mass fraction).The dryer is operated nitrogen protection do closed cycle.Drying out of the polymer powder sent to fluidized bed dry to remove all hydrocarbon diluent mixing section, after drying polymer particles to join all kinds of additives, and granulation.

  Gas gathering legal gas gathering legal representative (gas phase fluidized bed method) process for the DOW chemical company univation technologies and INNOS Innovene technology univation technology USES the low pressure gas phase fluidized bed reactor, with z/n catalyst and chromium catalyst, purification of raw materials into the reactor, in polymerization catalyst under the action of water, the reaction in 85 ~ 110.Under the pressure of 2.41 MPa, ethylene one-way conversion rate is about 1% ~ 1%, the reaction heat removal by circulating cooling of logistics, the production product MI range of 0.01 ~ 150, the density of the range of 0.915 ~ 0.915 g/cm3. The characteristics of the gas phase fluidized bed polymerization process is: low operating pressure, low temperature; It can produce all the density polyethylene; Catalyst system including titanium, chromium series; Metallocene catalyst. To require high purity raw materials, all materials should be refined; Don't need a solvent, low energy consumption, maintenance and operation cost is low. Production process is: dry monomer and hydrogen is added to the reactor system, the raw material in a large cycle steam flow loop, and through the into the bottom of the large scale fluidized bed reactor, the distribution of gas according to the design of the reactor material with 69.57% ethylene


In this process, polymerization solvent n-hexane, catalyst is highly active catalyst z - N, ethylene and hydrogen mixture into the first reactor, polymerization reaction with mixed catalyst and reactor polymer in the form of slurry suspension in hexane, polymerization temperature is about 80 ℃, polymerization pressure is less than 10 bar, this process can produce product range of 0.942 ~ 0.942 g/cm3 density, melt index range of 0.2 ~ 80, comonomer of propylene and butylene 1, traditional production of HDPE and bimodal HDPE, high density pipe performance, pressure pipes for the production, achieve PE100 +.Technology high elasticity of operation, product brand conversion fast, requirements for raw material purity is not high;Using propylene copolymer monomer, 1 butene;Using n-hexane as solvent recovery unit is simple.This process is characterized by polymerization in inert hydrocarbon diluent.

Its technological process is: fresh after polymerization grade ethylene in dry compound hydrogen molecular weight regulator, antifreeze and circulating thinner mixes isobutane into many continuous processes with loop reactor, and the catalyst added isobutane charged into the reactor.Reaction temperature is 106.7 degrees Celsius, pressure is 3.9 MPa.Polymer and thinner than pulp by means of axial flow pump at 6 m/s speed through the loop reactor.Jacketed reactor of water cooling control of reaction temperature, polymer solids is being exhausted from port of vertical settlement in loop reactors.So that the slurry concentration can reach 55%, the conversion rate is 98% - 99%.Polymer to flash after discharge to isobutane and residual monomer in the diluent recovery unit.Other solid polymer mixed with additives and granulation.

With loop reactor process with loop reactor process is the typical representative of Phillips Phillips process and INEOS company Innovene S process.Phillips process with isobutane as diluent, the use of chromium series catalyst, catalyst before use to activate, activation of catalyst powder and high purity of isobutane under nitrogen protection form the catalyst slurry, and then enter the loop reactor, after refining raw materials ethylene monomers with hydrogen, copolymerization monomer a 1 hexene premixed and then injected with loop reactor, generate polyethylene ethylene under the action of catalyst.Axial flow pump to keep the reactors in high speed flow of material and very evenly mixed, evenly heat of reaction by the jacketed cooling water withdrawal.This process produces 0.1 5 to 1 00 MI range, 0.936 0.972 g/cm3 density.With loop reactor process is characterized by: the equipment is less, short process, low investment cost;

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