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Plastic blown film factory introduction to application in the field of polypropylene film in the car

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Plastic blown film factory introduction to application in the field of polypropylene film in the car

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Plastic blown film factory introduction to application in the field of polypropylene film in the car

In 2003, China's auto production for more than 440, is the fourth largest in the world, up 36.6% from a year earlier.According to the ESM WerWide reported: "2008 China auto production will be more than 6 million, 2015 will exceed Japan, become the second world".The prediction has been broken, off sales double over 18 million cars in China in 2010, more than 17 million vehicles in the United States, be worthy of the name in the history of the world's first auto industry.

Process of auto industry depends on the development of automotive plastics, engineering plastics in China at present rate less than 16%.According to forecast of the China association for engineering plastics, engineering plastics in China in 2005 demand growth of 15%, about 10% in 2010, the demand will increase from $2000 in 440000 t to 2010 of 1.4 million t.China's auto industry to the rapid growth of the demand for engineering plastics in 2010 to the total amount will be 940000 t (with plastic dosage is 5% ~ 5% of the weight).

PP are employed in the automotive industry with strong competitive power, but because of its low modulus and heat resistance, impact strength is poorer, therefore cannot be directly used for auto parts, car are used in the modified PP product, its heat resistance can be increased from 80 ℃ to 145 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, and can withstand the high temperature of 750 ~ 1000 h after aging, not cracked.It is reported that the Japanese Toyota company launched a new generation of high oriented polypropylene HEHCPP products, can be used as car dashboard, bumper, than to TPO as raw material to produce the same kind of product costs by 30%, the modified PP used for auto parts has the very broad development prospects.

Production of polypropylene copolymer method according to the different catalyst can be divided into two kinds, one kind is a metallocene catalyst, is a kind of improved Ziegler - Natta efficient catalyst.Metallocene catalyst compared with Ziegler - Natta catalyst, it is only one active center, and Ziegler - Natta catalyst have multiple active site.Using metallocene catalyst can accurate control of molecular weight and its distribution, comonomer content and its application in polymer molecular chain distribution and crystalline structure.Ziegler - Natta catalyst used in PP copolymer modified its advantage is simple production process, low energy consumption, can improve macromolecular nucleation and improve the performance of polymer.

Plastics blown film lineFactory production of singleBlown film machineBlown film machine, three layer, high density polyethylene (HDPE) film blowing unit, LDPE HDPE blown film machine, polypropylene (PP) film unit, agriculture,Plastic film blowing machineUnit, greenhouse film.Companies can design according to the needs of users and processing all kinds of rotating head, rotating wind ring, such as to rapidly replace the device.If you have this aspect demand, welcome to call 


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