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Dalian plastics blown film machine has important position in the industry of plastic packaging!

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Dalian plastics blown film machine has important position in the industry of plastic packaging!

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Dalian plastics blown film machine has important position in the industry of plastic packaging!

In the plastic packing material occupies an extremely important position, according to statistics, the world is used for packaging of plastics account for about 35% of the total consumption.Packing plastics has developed rapidly in our country, the production in 1980 from the 4.65 million t, 190000 t rapidly increased to 2003 in 2005 is expected to more than 5.5 million t, 2010 more than 6 million t, 2015 more than 6.5 million t, about more than 13% of the total national packaging production.

Polypropylene with non-toxic, odourless, tasteless of milky, high crystallization of polymer density is only 0. 90 - "0. 91 g/cm3, is currently one of the lightest of all plastic varieties. It particularly stable to water, in the water of the water absorption is only 0. 01%, the molecular weight of about 8, one thousand, 150000. Good formability, but because of the large shrinkage rate (1% ~ 2.5%). Thick wall products easy to sag, to some high dimensional precision parts, is very difficult to meet the requirements, product surface gloss. Plastic composite film originally is given priority to with cellophane and polyethylene composite, then have sprung up in large quantities of various kinds of different characteristicsBlown film machineComposite membrane.Not only can they packaging dry food, some still can packaging need to long-term preservation of wet sex food, and other precision instruments and pharmaceuticals.

Temperature and loading rate had a great influence on the toughness of the polypropylene.When the temperature is higher than the glass transition temperature, the impact damage is ductile fracture, and below the glass transition temperature is brittle fracture, and the impact strength value declined dramatically.Increase the loading rate, can make the ductile fracture to brittle fracture transition temperature rise.Polypropylene has excellent resistance to bending fatigue, its products at room temperature can be bent 106 times without damage.

Look from product, packaging film about accounted for more than 50% of the total packing plastic.Two-way stretch polypropylene (BOPP) film in China is one of the biggest area of PP resin consumption, 2003, 86 have BOPP production enterprises in our country (123 production line), the total production capacity of 1.4 million t/a, 2004, 2 million t/a (138 production line), production will break through 1 million t.Domestic enterprises to improve product competitiveness, has introduced a number of advanced BOPP production equipment, production of the film width of 8.3 m, linear speed up to 400 ~ 500 m/min.According to our country existing BOPP film production capacity conversion, nearly 2 million t every year, the demand for PP resin, so should pay attention to the development of BOPP film in line speed, extensibility, transparency, good PP special material, including matching with b, c copolymer, to adapt to the new introduction of BOPP film equipment.

All kinds of plastic composite film, have different performance.This is by some kind of plastic composite film is determined by the quantity and characteristics of single layer film.In general, plastic composite film than plastic monolayer film has better transparency, mechanical strength, and processing adaptability, air tightness and heat resistance, cold resistance and waterproof performance, from within and bears better save enough items such as food, medicine and senior consumer goods, make its deterioration, corrosion, keeping the original quality and various forms.

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