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Three-tier co-extrusion blown film factory know what kind of film cooling way are there!

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Three-tier co-extrusion blown film factory know what kind of film cooling way are there!

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Three-tier co-extrusion blown film factory know what kind of film cooling way are there!

Blown film machineGroup is produced with the method of the extrusion blow molding thin film, the film's performance in a fixed between the film and stretch film, strength is better than stretch film, heat sealing worse than stretch film, film performance and the operating parameters.The oriented film due to stretching the molecular orientation, improve the degree of crystallization, and orientation of crystalline polymer membrane without heat sealing, strength is the biggest of the three kinds of thin film.

From extrusion billet of tubular membrane, blown film machine is still in the sticky flow state, the temperature is higher, need to the compressed air cooling and solidification, as soon as possible after blowing to coiling.Otherwise, not fully cooling film, will stick together after coiling.

Film cooling with cooling method and cooling method.Generally no internal cooling method.

(1) cooling water ring.

With polypropylene and polyethylene phthalein amine raw material to produce blown film extrusion machine, blown film, require higher transparency of the film, with cooling water quench ring effect is very good.Blowing bubble tube outer diameter and the ring diameter of cooling water, water ring inside the cooling water, cooling water to overflow from the jacketed tube along the bubble.This way of cooling is ideal.Membrane attached to the water drops, after bag cloth guide roller is absorbed.

(2) the cooling air ring.

Cooling air ring is divided into single draught cooling and double draught cooling two structure forms.

Single draught cooling air ring.The structure of single draught cooling air ring.The wind ring consists of two parts, with combination of threaded connection.Sent of cold air blower, the three air inlet along the tangent direction in the wind ring coat the wind ring, after a couple of adjustable clearance wind ring control, make the air flow is stable to blow out and along the bubble tube outer diameter, thereby cooling bubble tube film cooling curing.

Stretch film, which has two kinds of extrusion solvents and molten LiuYanFa LiuYanFa.Solvent method of production of stretch film because of the need to use a large number of organic solvent, heating evaporation to remove the solvent and recovered solvents need large energy consumption, also need to invest in a set of equipment, operation cost and equipment cost is bigger, so only in the case of high-performance thermosets and forced to use, such as cellophane production, etc.Solvent LiuYanFa production of stretch film has vertical and horizontal working to balance performance, no force, uniform thickness, higher polarity, can produce the following 5 um ultrathin film, used in high technology, low production rate, etc.

Extrusion melt LiuYanFa is the main production of plastic packaging heat sealing membrane method, because good heat sealing, and vertical and horizontal stretch film to balance performance, production speed, as well as good transparency, become RuanSu packaging industry is one of the main production process.

In addition, PVC calendering method is the main film forming process.Rolling process while investment big, the equipment maintenance technical requirement is high, the operation is complicated, but it is production advantages of quick speed, good quality of the production of thin film, can produce 70 - a - 350 um all kinds of PVC film, the thickness of the slice.

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