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Plastic blow mould factory introduction to PE blown film molding process unit

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Plastic blow mould factory introduction to PE blown film molding process unit

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Plastic blow mould factory introduction to PE blown film molding process unit

Unit blow mold factory introduction to blow molding equipment generally USES the single screw extruder, from technology, blown film forming the main equipment of extruder, head, cooling wind ring, traction and coiling blown film process, material plasticizing extruder, forming a bad blow molding;Cooling, traction, coiling.In blown film forming process, depending on the direction of extrusion and drawing, and can be divided into flat under the blow, blow, blow three, this is the main molding process also have special blow molding, squeezing method as above.

Blown film machineIs one of the most important mechanical equipment in the industry, when the flexible packaging gradually become the protagonist of food packaging materials.Blown film machine and the quality of the blown film technology determines the quality of the film forming.So a good performance in the film blowing machine in the process of production of thin films showed good ability to adapt the market, improve the production efficiency at the same time, provide convenience for the people and promote the harmonious development of society.Food packaging is the most thin film application field, blown film machine blown high-grade film can be used as a propaganda, commodity packaging to improve business value.


Lotus petals type head advantages: simple structure, convenient processing, cost, easy to manipulate clean;Weakness: the joint line, easy to reduce the strength of products.

Center feed the nose advantages: film thickness is uniform, not easy the creation in the partial phenomenon, suitable for processing PE, PP, PA;Disadvantages: organs memory is more and more joint line, is not convenient.

Rotating head advantages: uniform film thickness, not easy the creation in the partial phenomenon, can make the local don't exceed the parts of the film, scattered on the axial volume, make the curly film smooth, easy to printing, high quality;Weakness: the structure is complicated, cost is a little higher.

The use of single screw extruder, general screw Ф 45-120 - mm in diameter, the size of the Ф decided by the film thickness and the diameter size.Output affected by cooling and traction speed film narrow with small extruder, film thickness and width in large extruder.

The method of crowded flat blow

The use and extruder screw concentric straight head, bubble on the surface of the tube and the nose center line at the same level process called flat extrusion blowing method, the law is only applicable to blowing small thin film products, such as LDPE, PVC, PS membrane, flat blow method is also applicable to the production of heating shrink film.

The method of of the blow

The method USES crosshead, bubble tube from the head below the process under the said flat extrusion blowing method, this method is particularly suitable for low viscosity of the raw materials and the requirements of transparent plastic film.Such as PP, PA, PVDC (vinylidene chloride).

On the flat extrusion blowing method

The method is to use crosshead, namely the nose discharging direction and vertical extrusion machine, extrusion tube bad upward, traction to a certain interval, the herringbone powder gathering, the crowded tube from the bottom of the introduction of compressed air to blow it into bubble tube, and by how much compressed air volume to control its lateral size, the traction speed control longitudinal size, bubble tube by cooling shapes can be blown film.Apply to the method of main variety of plastic is PVC, PE, PS, HDPE.

These three processes each have advantages and disadvantages, are comparative advantages in technological process faults On the flat extrusion blow bubble tube on the cooling pipe, traction and stability Cover an area of an area small, easy to manipulate Easy production folding size is big, the thickness of the thicker film workshop demanding, high cost is not suitable for processing active large plastic For film cooling, low production efficiency Under the flat extrusion blow Is advantageous to the film cooling, high production efficiency Plastic extruder can be processed rather active higher off the ground, not convenient manipulation Should not be in the production of thin film Flat extrusion blow nose as the center type, simple structure, film thickness is uniform Manipulation convenient, led film blowing ratio can be easily Not suitable for processing of big diameter, relative density of film Covers an area of big Soak pipe cooling slowly, not suitable for plastic processing rather active.

Plastic film blowing machinePrice options, know your packing grade of products, their products of the material, and then select the machine configuration, buy the machine and the car is the same reason, a penny a points goods, dalianPE film blowing machinePrompts you to figure out their own products to choose blown film machine, our company production of blown film machine, which makes a good variety of PE blown film machine,Three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine,ABA blown film machine, don't believe the myth of the most expensive also don't believe in the myth of the cheapest, choose appropriate own, you are welcome to give us a call.

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