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The operation of the plastic film blowing machine you have mastered the trick

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The operation of the plastic film blowing machine you have mastered the trick

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Plastic film blowing machine

The operation of the plastic film blowing machine you have mastered the trick

Dalian plastics blown film machineMaterials to hopper with screw, to enter the period of feeding, compression molding, the therapeutic filtered into the die, the die discharge through stretch herringbone plate after cooling, by membrane head blow hole gas, gas to the middle circle membrane, membrane into a straight line up, boot process, the irrelevant personnel should leave, to prevent the material out of local overheating burns, to prevent the belt and the mixing drum scratches, to prevent a hair, clothing swept to take in.Start the main motor, start the motor after slowly speed;Close the main motor, should slow down and then turn it off.Forming good workability.LDPE main purpose is for thin film product, also used in plastic injection products, medical devices, pharmaceutical and food packaging materials, hollow blow molding products, etc.Then carefully stiff foam frame, plates, and wear into the traction roller, guide roller coiling, will have to work at the required temperature, traction roller drawing again, and the width of the thin film thickness, strength meet certain requirements, after round roll film roll.Not only can they packaging dry food, some still can packaging need to long-term preservation of wet sex food, and other precision instruments and pharmaceuticals.

Blown film machineAccording to different materials and characteristics of widely used with multiple fields.Suitable for all kinds of high-grade packing film, plastic film, protective film, and so on.Plastic bags by air how much to control the size, and then after stabilizing membrane in membrane.Produced by Taiwan's head.It is suitable for thermoplastic processing a variety of molding process, by a olefins such as ethylene and senior butene, hexene or octene copolymerization and generated.Look from product, packaging film about accounted for more than 50% of the total packing plastic.Die discharge uniform, can wear gloves slowly lift tube billet, pipe end will be closed at the same time, the micro into gas regulator, from mandrel center hole in a small amount of compressed air, if there are abnormal to solve in time.You must check each operation starting power supply wiring whether there is a disconnect, leakage;Check instrument damage is not normal.Unit operation is reliable, the main production standards, plasticizing effect is good, mould manufacturing high precision and surface roughness, traction, rewinder tension constant, adjustable size, winding and tidy.

Moment to develop check the temperature control in good condition, heating appliances in good condition, pay attention to timely adjust the heating temperature of each point in the range of indicators of good habits;To ensure the safety of the parts first before starting the normal, lest affect production and cause an accident.Low density polyethylene PE is a kind of plastic material, hdpe, is a kind of high crystallinity, nonpolar thermoplastic resin.Square one HDPE appearance has milk-white, in a small cross section in a certain degree of translucent.The special raw material need film blowing machine has high traction and drawing ability, to ensure that the product film tenacity breathable.Plastic composite film than plastic monolayer film has better transparency, mechanical strength, and processing adaptability, air tightness and heat resistance, cold resistance and waterproof performance, and thus bear within better save enough of items such as food, medicine and senior consumer goods, etc., make its deterioration, corrosion, keeping the original quality and various forms.

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