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Three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine company to teach you how to operate the three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine

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Three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine company to teach you how to operate the three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine

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Coextrusion machine

Three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine company to teach you how to operate the three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine


Three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine downtime before using pure copper scraper cleaning product material, paraffin wax cleaning membrane, reduce the influence of deposition on the bubble.Multi-layer co-extrusion blown film machine is divided into the following kinds, such as2 co-extrusion blown film machine, three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine, five layers co-extrusion blown film machine seven layers co-extrusion blown film machine, etc is belong to this kind of product.In addition, PVC calendering method is the main film forming process.Rolling process while investment big, the equipment maintenance technical requirement is high, the operation is complicated, but it is production advantages of quick speed, good quality of the production of thin film, can produce 70 - a - 350 um all kinds of PVC film, the thickness of the slice.With polypropylene and polyethylene phthalein amine raw material to produce blown film extrusion machine, blown film, require higher transparency of the film, with cooling water quench ring effect is very good.Blowing bubble tube outer diameter and the ring diameter of cooling water, water ring inside the cooling water, cooling water to overflow from the jacketed tube along the bubble.This way of cooling is ideal.Membrane attached to the water drops, after bag cloth guide roller is absorbed.

Three-tier co-extrusion blown film lineHigh-end quality of blown film won the high-grade the favour of commodity packaging.Nowadays, development of high-end technology blown film machine, blown film can also be used for many applications such as pharmaceutical, food preservation technology, take a new road of the blown film machinery manufacturing.Three-tier co-extrusion blow thin line adopts the new type of high efficiency low energy consumption extrusion unit, such as PP, PE co-extrusion blown film machine, is the advantage of the characteristics of the PP material hardness and PE material and the characteristics of the high brightness, produces two properties combined with film.In order to meet the production process of plastic film packaging materials need some special function, to material blown film and a variety of features were crowded together, form a multi-functional plastic membrane, developed multi-layer co-extrusion blown film machine.Electromagnetic heating technology is a new type of high frequency heating technology, through the research and development of scientific research personnel, to produce high frequency heating system energy conservation and environmental protection, heat efficiency is increased to 90%.

Compared with the similar equipment, has a higher yield, good product plasticizing and the advantages of low energy consumption, easy operation, completely solve the film falbala and winding size top problem, make the product quality on a new step.Sent of cold air blower, the three air inlet along the tangent direction in the wind ring coat the wind ring, after a couple of adjustable clearance wind ring control, make the air flow is stable to blow out and along the bubble tube outer diameter, thereby cooling bubble tube film cooling curing.Molten plastic by the head of the filtered to remove impurities from the mold, after cooling, blowing, etc will be finished film rolled into a cylinder.Fully embodies its advantage of energy saving, save a large amount of electricity cost for plastic processing enterprises, improve the production efficiency, improve the workshop environment, thereby directly reduce the indirect costs of production.The IBC film cooling system inside the bubble, + 360 ° traction on the horizontal rotating system, photoelectric automatic correction device, automatic winding and film tension control, advanced technology such as computer screen automatic control system.

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