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What is the plastic film blowing machine? Dalian film blowing machine manufacturers to tell you

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What is the plastic film blowing machine? Dalian film blowing machine manufacturers to tell you

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What is the plastic film blowing machine? Dalian film blowing machine manufacturers to tell you

  Note the use of plastic film blowing machine

  1, when operating the machine operator can not stand in front of Yu Zheng, in order to avoid accidentally hurt the operator. Feed film blowing machine prevent hard objects falling into the barrel of raw materials with metal impurities and the damage to the machine tools operation. The operation of rotating machinery is prohibited with gloves, in case of injury.

  2, check and add a good reducer, air compressor lubricating oil, check the lubrication of the mechanical transmission parts. To avoid damaging the machine noise and dry operation.

  3. The die outlet uniform, can wear gloves slow lifting tube, and the tube billet end closed, ajar inlet regulating valve to from the center hole of the mandrel to add a small amount of compressed air, and carefully lighted foam frame, lambdoidal board, and penetrates into the traction roller, guide and direct to coiling.

  Such fresh-keeping film is composed of a nylon translucent film, the film almost transparent, good water permeability, in the interlayer are installed with a certain amount of sand syrup, gently wrapped object surface. The film must ensure environmentally friendly, and strong water permeability, can absorb the fruit and vegetable juice to cling to. This special material needs blowing machine with high-end traction and drawing ability, guarantee freely tough film products. Used for blowing high-low pressure polyethylene film unit. The products are widely used in composite film, packaging film, agricultural covering film, textile, garment bag or film packaging; main motor using VVVF, an increase of host speed stability, and can saving 30%, the screw and barrel by 38 of chromium, molybdenum, aluminum, after nitrogen treatment, the traction frame adopts lift, no matter blow large and small size film can make the best effect of cooling.

  Film blowing machine is the industry's most important one of the mechanical equipment, when the flexible packaging of food packaging materials gradually become the protagonist. The quality of the quality of film blowing machine and film technology determines the film forming. So a good performance of the film blowing machine in the film production process showed good ability to adapt to the market, improve production efficiency at the same time, provide convenience for the people, and promote the harmonious development of the society. Food packaging is widely used film field, film blowing machine, blowing high-end film can be used as commodity packaging and promotion, to enhance the commercial value. In order to meet the market on a variety of products packaging, film blowing machine manufacturing industry to produce new film blowing machine sheet film blowing machine, PE film blowing machine, multi-layer co extrusion film blowing machine, film blowing machine, heat shrinkable film blowing machine and so on.

Plastic film blowing machine

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