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The original plastic film blowing machine production out of the film so well!

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The original plastic film blowing machine production out of the film so well!

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The original plastic film blowing machine production out of the film so well!

  Low density polyethylene is a kind of plastic material, which is suitable for thermoplastic forming process, and the forming process is good. Die material uniform, can wear gloves slow lifting tube, and the tube billet end closed, ajar inlet regulating valve to from the center hole of the mandrel to add a small amount of compressed air, and carefully lighted foam frame, lambdoidal board, and penetrates into the traction roller, guide roll until coiling, Dalian plastic film blowing machine production is a membrane. These films according to the properties of materials and different widely used with multiple fields.

  LDPE is mainly used for film products, also used in injection molding products, medical equipment, medicine and food packaging materials, blow molding hollow products, etc.. This film due to its good barrier properties, anti wet, anti frost, oxygen, fresh, oil, can be widely used in light and heavy packaging. Feed film blowing machine prevent hard objects falling into the barrel of raw materials with metal impurities and the damage to the machine tools operation.

  Plastic film blowing machine blowing expansion tube compressed air pressure should be appropriate, neither the tube rupture, but also to ensure the symmetric stabilization of the membrane tube, relative to ensure the quality of the production. Time to develop automatic temperature control heating appliances, check intact intact, pay attention to adjust the good habits of the heating temperature in the target range in time; if there is a timely solution to abnormal.

  Film blowing machine blown film is usually done cargo transport, food packaging, fresh products, biotechnology and other industries, film blowing machine quality and film technology determines the film forming quality. Suitable for all kinds of high grade film packaging, plastic bag with film, protective film and so on. Such as a variety of fresh fruits, meat dish, liquid beverages, pickles, fresh milk and other medical supplies.

  Operating machine operator can not stand in front of Yu Zheng, so as to avoid accidental injury to the operator. The operation of rotating machinery is prohibited with gloves, in case of injury. So a good performance of the film blowing machine in the film production process showed good ability to adapt to the market, improve production efficiency at the same time, provide convenience for the people, and promote the harmonious development of the society.

Plastic film blowing machine

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