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On the principle of three layer coextrusion blow molding film blowing machine

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On the principle of three layer coextrusion blow molding film blowing machine

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On the principle of three layer coextrusion blow molding film blowing machine

  Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine occupies important status in the industry in the plastics industry. Now the domestic existing film blow molding machine manufacturers are mostly not adapted to the market demand and the need to improve the technology to produce the market film blowing machine. According to the requirements of the product performance and price comparison of the recent production of our factory plastic three layer co extrusion blow molding compound membrane unit speed control all the use of ACS550-01 ABB series inverter.

  The machine adopts 12 sets of frequency converter, which is used to control the speed, tension and torque of each link, and complete the automatic control process of the whole machine. After the host is open, pay close attention to the operation of the host, timely adjustment, correction, electrical instruments, controllers to ensure its normal operation. Main gear box, traction reducer should be refueled frequently, the replacement of gear oil, the new machine please in the use of 10 days or so to replace the new gear oil, to ensure that the rotating parts of the normal operation, filling the attention, prevent jammed and overheat damage, should also check the connecting parts of the fastening situation, to prevent loosening of the bolt Luo.

  Film blowing machine is heated to melt the plastic particles and then blown film. There are a variety of film blowing machine, PE, POF, PVC and so on. With a new particle blowing out of the new material, the color is said, clean, the bag is stretched well. The compressed air pressure of the blowing tube blank is proper, which not only can not break the tube blank, but also ensure the symmetry and stability of the membrane tube, and ensure the quality of the production.

  Electrical control part, general unit is equipped with a crew operating cabinet, by the general button to switch on the power, open the total motor switch, respectively the switch knob control body and a three-way, die each button electric heating, which key part of two groups of coils using thermocouple automatic measurement and automatic temperature control, normal production process, temperature can be automatic control, to ensure that the production process is stable and reliable.

  The plastic film blowing unit blowing type, wind cooling, water cooling and hot air drying structure, main motor, motor are used frequency stepless speed regulation, polypropylene film suitable for blow molding production. Extruder barrel, screw are made of high quality alloy steel by precision machining and nitriding treatment to achieve the best value of hardness, durable. Plastic film blowing machine is heated to melt the plastic particles and then blown film.

  Check the temperature control well, heating electrical well, pay attention to the timely adjustment of the point of heating temperature within the scope of the index. Check the control of the air cylinder pressure, not too high, but there should be spare pressure. To keep the ratio of raw materials and mix evenly, rejection ratio to unbalanced operation; pure raw material production to check, so as not to affect the quality of the stagger.

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