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Film blowing machine knowledge allows manufacturers to teach you the film blowing machine!

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Film blowing machine knowledge allows manufacturers to teach you the film blowing machine!

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Film blowing machine knowledge allows manufacturers to teach you the film blowing machine!

  Film blowing unit will dry polyethylene particles into the hopper in, by the weight of the particle itself from the hopper into the screw, when the pellets and screw thread oblique edge contact, the rotation of the oblique edge face plastic and slant edge perpendicular to the surface of the thrust, the plastic particles goes forward, progresses, due to plastic and screw, machine and plastic tube between friction and interparticle collision and friction, also due to the external cylinder heating gradually melted. The plastic melt the filter head to impurities from the mouth of the die, the wind ring cooling, blown the lambdoidal board, traction roll, roll the finished film is coiled into a cylinder. Can absorb vegetable and fruit juice, to cling to, the special raw material needs film blowing machine with high traction force and drawing ability, ensure product film tough breathable, food packaging is widely used film field, film blowing machine, blowing high-end film can be used as commodity packaging propaganda, improve the commercial value. Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is a kind of plastic material, which is suitable for thermoplastic forming process, and the forming process is good. LDPE is mainly used for film products, also used in injection molding products, medical equipment, medicine and food packaging materials, blow molding hollow products, etc..

  National research company has been working on the development of multi-layer co extrusion film blowing machine production and manufacturing such as many customers want to buy machines that later may need more wide film, this does not work, because your current relatively narrow, such as you with 1.5 m machines to blow 600mm membrane that is like anti-aircraft guns to fight mosquitoes, overkill. This temporarily step that such practices will increase the cost of the electricity greatly increases is not worthwhile and possible products will pour out of pocket, but can not choose small machine big products because of limitations on the machine can not do, so choose film blowing machine to choose a suitable own, clear own what product is. It can be said that the film blowing machine equipment products, covering almost all the fields of plastic film production. More because of its technological innovation and breakthrough, the use of plastic particles and a variety of renewable particles as raw material blowing various specifications of the new, cheap and durable, non-toxic plastic film.

  Film blowing unit operating temperature is 105 DEG C, the temperature according to the product set. The reactor operating pressure is 2.0MPa, and the reaction gas is separated from the top of the reaction by a cyclone separator to separate the catalyst containing the solid catalyst. The gas from the cyclone separator is then compressed and circulated through the cooler to the bottom of the reactor. The reactor discharge through an air lock system intermittently to product tank. Flash out not by reaction of ethylene, discharge of ethane and 2% of cyclohexane diluent twice compressed and cooled to 2.5MPa to stripper ethane recovery to recycling. Flash after leave to slurry by centrifugal separation and recovery of a majority of the diluent and a solid cake sent to dryer will be volatile content dropped to 5% (mass fraction) around. The dryer is operated by a closed loop with nitrogen protection. Drying out the polymer powder sent to fluidized bed drying all hydrocarbon diluent removed, dried polymer particles sent to the mixing section with various additives and then pelletized. The production of vest bag, bag making machine and punching machine is the necessary machinery. Usually the vest bag making machine production of two kinds of bag making machine, heat sealing cold cutting bag making machine and heat sealing.

Plastic film blowing machine

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