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How much do you use to grasp the method of film blowing unit?

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How much do you use to grasp the method of film blowing unit?

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How much do you use to grasp the method of film blowing unit?

Film blowing machine is used for blowing high pressure polyethylene, the products are widely used in composite film, packaging film, agricultural covering film, textile, garment bag or film packing; the main motor adopts frequency control, increase the stability of the host speed, and can save 30%, screw barrel with 38 chromium molybdenum aluminum, after nitriding, traction the frame adopts lifting type, no matter what large and small size films were able to make the best effect of cooling. Film blowing machine is the industry's most important one of the mechanical equipment, when the flexible packaging of food packaging materials gradually become the protagonist. Feed film blowing machine prevent hard objects falling into the barrel of raw materials with metal impurities and the damage to the machine tools operation.

Dalian film blowing machine unit are equipped with general unit operation cabinet, by the general button to open the total power switch motor, respectively through the button switch control body and three die, the electric button, which is the key part of the two coils by thermocouple automatic temperature measurement and automatic temperature control, the normal production process, the temperature can be automatically control, to ensure that the production process is stable and reliable. There are a variety of film blowing machine, PE, POF and so on. Reinforced polypropylene is mainly used in the manufacture of various mechanical parts, including automotive fan, air conditioning fan, water purifier filter bottle, in the appliance industry can be used for all kinds of home appliance appearance instead of ABS and HIPS, are widely used in air conditioning, a refrigerator top cover, foot bath, etc.. Non toxic, tasteless, small density, strength, stiffness, hardness and heat resistance are better than low pressure polyethylene, can be used at about 100 degrees.

Dalian film blowing machine in order to meet the needs of the plastic film packaging material some special features of the production process, the various properties of the material and film coextrusion together, form a multifunctional plastic film, the development of three layer co extrusion film blowing machine.


plastic film blowing machine

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