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Take you to the different characteristics of different types of blown film crew

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Take you to the different characteristics of different types of blown film crew

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Take you to the different characteristics of different types of blown film crew

Rotating head water-cooled plastic film blowing unit, the machine has a compact bodies, easy to operate, high degree of automation, high transparent film, used in blown polypropylene (PP), widely used in food, clothing, textiles, daily necessities, industrial products, such as packaging, feel is flexible. Has a good barrier property, heat sealing, low temperature resistance. Can meet the requirements of all kinds of packaging, and you need most ideal high-grade goods packaging materials.

High speed film blowing unit in high pressure polyethylene (LDPE) or low pressure polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, after heating, extrusion, blow up, stretching, winding become cylinder film, for cylinder then through cutting, sealing membrane food bags, shopping bag or woven bag lined with bag, can also be used in single side or both sides when cutting. After winding for agricultural films, film and film. Used for blowing high-low pressure polyethylene, the products are widely used in composite film, packaging film, agricultural covering film, textiles, clothing bag or film packaging; Main motor adopts frequency control of motor speed, increase the stability of the host speed, and power saving 30%, screw cylinder aluminum 38 chrome molybdenum, after nitriding process, drawing frame adopts lift, no matter big and small size film can make the best cooling effect; Three-tier co-extrusion blow thin line adopts the new type of high efficiency low energy consumption extrusion unit, the IBC film cooling system inside the bubble, + 360 ° for traction on the horizontal rotating system, photoelectric automatic correction device, automatic winding and film tension control, advanced technology such as computer screen automatic control system. Compared with the similar equipment, has a higher yield, good product plasticizing and the advantages of low energy consumption, easy operation, completely solve the film falbala and winding size top problem, make the product quality on a new step. Produce thin film with high transparency, durability, high toughness, low temperature eager resistance, good composite fastness, and crimp resistant.

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