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The development trend of expert analysis of dalian blown film machine

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The development trend of expert analysis of dalian blown film machine

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The development trend of expert analysis of dalian blown film machine

Any products want to occupy the market for a long time, he must have a certain ability of innovation and improvement of blown film machine, especially plastic machinery industry. Such as early blown film machine heating device USES a resistance heating circle, the energy saving power consumption is 30% to 70% higher than using electromagnetic heater now, its cost is also higher than that of 10% - 30%. Although blown film machine product innovation improvement is require considerable money, but there is an obvious now, like "upgrade" blown film machine is obvious than the old blown film machine is much more popular, more than 90% of the clients are willing to choose the new film blowing machine. This means that the future development of blown film machine products lies in the innovation and performance improvement.

Low density polyethylene film usually accept blow molding and flow two kinds of technology. Stretch film polyethylene film thickness symmetry, but because the price is higher, the rarely used. Blow molding polyethylene film is made by blow molding grade PE particles by blow molding machine blowing, and the cost is low, so the most common. Low density polyethylene film is a translucent, there is light, texture is soft film, has excellent chemical stability, heat sealing, water resistance and moisture resistance, freezing resistance, can be boiled. The stress is poorly insulated for oxygen, used in the inner membrane of composite flexible packaging material, and also the most prevalent, the current application dosage is one of the biggest plastic packaging film, about 40% of plastic packaging film consumption.

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