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Plastic film blowing machine only can be used for processing plastic?

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Plastic film blowing machine only can be used for processing plastic?

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Plastic film blowing machine only can be used for processing plastic?

No matter what kind of material of plastic bags, plastic particles have to blow into a plastic film can be further processed, PO bag and PE bag or other compound bag! If the PE bag and the PO bag with high and low pressure blown film machine, if it is PP bag with PP film blowing machine, if it is food packing compound bag with co-extrusion blown film machine! And is equipped with the machine model, machine type selection can't be too large nor too small, too much waste of electricity, overqualified, too small can't figure out the corresponding products, so select machines have to choose to suit their products, the so-called big width for which is able to satisfy his bag at the same time also can make their own small product width of the bag! Blown film machine is important, if make bag is need to print or pattern, in the process of blown film need electronics, namely corona processor, won't rub off after a electronic printing, blown film machine also need electric sedan industry!

Machinery industry has many kinds, including mini plastic film blowing machine is a kind of brand-new products. Dalian plastics blown film machine this kind of product has a good market feedback, in many industries will be applied to the machinery. Market feedback can be so good because of some characteristics of the machine itself, the shape of this machine in the industry is relatively small. The advantage of the small is not accounted for a lot of places, and when handling, transfer is very convenient. Mechanical service life is very long is also a big competition, this competition is also very important. Machinery of long service life for the project will not impact, which is also valued some of the problems! Machinery efficiency is more important, is the human several times. Not only save the efficiency but also greatly reduce the cost of artificial, kill two birds with one stone.

Plastic film blowing machine

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