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Dalian, blown film installation of the unit

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Dalian, blown film installation of the unit

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Dalian, blown film installation of the unit

Blown film machine installation should pay attention to adjust the center line of the extruder head vertical and level with the traction roller center shall not deviate from the skewed. Winding is gradually increasing because of the winding diameter please pay attention to the cooperate with traction speed and winding speed, please adjust. Host after open, pay close attention to the host running situation and timely adjust, amend, electrical instrumentation, controller to ensure their normal operation. Host gear box, traction reducer should often come on, change gear oil, new in the use of 10 days or so, please change new gear oil, in order to ensure the normal operation of the rotating parts, pay attention to refuel, prevent damage of stuck and overheating, but should also check the connection parts of tight situation, prevent Luo Shuan is loose. Bubble should maintain a moderate amount of compressed air in the pipe, in the process of traction, compressed air will leak out, please.

Blown film machine is mainly composed of extruder, head, head, cooling device, stable foam, herringbone board, traction roller, winding device, etc. Extruder extruder is mainly composed of screw, barrel, hopper, reducer and drive motor; Through the belt drive reducer, speed reducer drive screw rotation movement in the barrel; Screw with special structure, that is, in a screw a mixing device, equipped with in a special work on plastic hold a centering around the screw shaft installed in the reducer to force 7310 or 7614 bearing with screw, barrel of feeding mouth design, according to raw material properties to successfully enter the screw groove was sent away, to ensure the quality of transmission capacity and stable extrusion. Nose nose by filter, filter plate, head gland of three parts, in order to adapt to more impurities of plastic raw materials production, this unit USES a larger filter area of right Angle of the nose structure, at the same time, considering the high pressure, low pressure, mixture, reworked material has greater capability viscosity, flow design made a reasonable choice of material, and USES the drive motor of extruder extrusion filter plate, it can adapt to a single operation to replace the network. Die die head with advanced spiral die structure, according to the high pressure, low pressure, mixture and the particularity of polyethylene with uncooked materials, the comprehensive consideration, design the spiral Angle, Angle of TuiPo, finalize the design Angle of length, main technical parameters such as the die opening through multiple comparison test to choose optimal shape, with inner pressure big, uniform extrusion stability, strength of thin film performance is good, no spell suture and better match the crew extruder, etc

Blown film unit

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