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The common progress of the plastics packaging industry hand in hand blown film line

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The common progress of the plastics packaging industry hand in hand blown film line

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The common progress of the plastics packaging industry hand in hand blown film line

The development of the plastic flexible packaging and the development of blown film machine into a vein, supplement each other, make progress together. Environmental protection and energy saving of the new index raised the threshold of the paper industry, expand the paper costs and prices. Making plastic packaging in the market share gradually increase, promote the development of the blown film machine industry at the same time, the continuous development of plastic blow molding machine and also provides technical support for the development of plastic flexible packaging, make the competitiveness in the market. Plastic food packaging to ensure food safety are playing an increasingly important role, people also put forward higher requirements for packaging products. Popular on the market today packaging mainly plastic, paper, but as the society becomes more and more strict to the requirement of the paper industry, environmental protection and energy saving of the new index of paper industry forward threshold, the cost of paper market expansion, falling prices, this makes the plastic packaging for development opportunities in the market, market share gradually increase. In addition to the widely used in food packaging, plastic packaging has further to industrial packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, building materials, packaging, cosmetics packaging in the areas of development, its use is more and more broad scope and outlook.

Dalian blown film units of a good performance in the process of production of thin films showed good ability to adapt the market, improve the production efficiency at the same time, provide convenience for the people and promote the harmonious development of society. Food packaging is thin film application areas, most plastics blown film machine blown high-grade film can be used as a propaganda, commodity packaging to improve business value. Blown film machine blown out of a special plastic wrap, using advanced technology, the resistance to put fruits and vegetables over a long period of time. In order to meet the need of social product and environmental protection needs, yingkou peng da plastic film blowing machine will continue to introduce advanced technology, adjust the industry pattern, to high-end plastics industry.

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