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Do you know how many people will be needed to install the blown film unit

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Do you know how many people will be needed to install the blown film unit

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Do you know how many people will be needed to install the blown film unit

Dalian blown film line is mainly composed of plastic extruder, the wind ring, head device, traction device, cooling device, heat expansion device, winding device, heating system and electric control device, etc. The key parts screw and cylinder are made of 38GrMoAIA alloy steel, which is treated with high hardness, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. Adopt the new type of screw, with a length of 1:26, suitable for the mixing and plasticization and plasticization of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics, which are of high viscosity and poor thermal stability, and the degree of plasticization is superior;

Airframe configuration of automatic temperature control system to control the heater and cooling machine, constant temperature throughout the plasticizing process, accurate and meet the technological requirements of film production, to ensure that the heat charge film to achieve excellent quality; The mould head and wind ring adopt special structure, which is favorable for molding and cooling requirements. Convenient operation, compact structure, centralized control and high automation.

Blown film machine is generally operated by a few people, first of all, no matter how much equipment, each class must have at least 2 people on duty, this is related to production safety, don't be careless. To blow the film under 1200mm, the three machines can keep the two people in each class. (the principle is that we need to be equipped with a mixer, preferably with a feeder. If there are six machines, each class can be configured with 3-4 people, which should be enough to meet the needs of the group.

The equipment is not heated, heated and the time is not required, no starting extruder and rotating die head, otherwise the equipment will be damaged. When raw materials open bag check whether have wet material, wet material is not to be mixed material, must classics oven is dry, ability to use. The die head and die cleaning can only be used for the cleaning of the die, and the blade can not be scraped by the blade, or it can cause the damage of the die. The blowing machine guide roller, including rubber roller and roll, must not be cut with the blade, otherwise it will cause the cutting of the roller.

Extruder filter and corona processor must be replaced periodically filtering and cleaning, general requirements within 24 hours to 48 hours filter must be replaced and the silicon roller clean with alcohol corona processor. The specification of the filter: layer 80, a layer 100 for three layers. Corona processor guide roller no film may not open corona processor running, once the film cutting or downtime, should emergency switch off the corona processor, avoid burning corona processor. No corona treatment or corona treatment does not meet the 38dyne film not to be put into the finished product, otherwise it will cause a major accident of compound quality.

Blown film unit

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