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The rapid development of plastic processing industry increases the demand for plastic film blowing machines

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The rapid development of plastic processing industry increases the demand for plastic film blowing machines

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The rapid development of plastic processing industry increases the demand for plastic film blowing machines

Rapid update of equipment and obsolete equipment of high technology equipment; The high speed development of the plastic processing industry in the sea, the demand of plastic film blowing machine is high. We should make full use of the opportunities brought by entering the world and expand the development of China's machinery industry.

Maintenance of plastic film blowing unit: the sealing machine is placed in a draught drying place, and the general room temperature is maintained at 25 & # 8451. The left and right sides. For every two days, you should add 6 # engine oil to the moving parts, mainly in gear, bearing and gearbox etc. Remove dust regularly and keep the machine clean. It is best to unplug the power when not in use and cover it with a cover cloth.

If the machine runs too long, the cooling fan should be turned on before shutdown. After the temperature drops, the machine will be turned off, because it will be turned off without cooling, and the high temperature zone can easily be damaged. The high temperature belt should remove dirt periodically to ensure the quality of sealing. Serious wear and tear parts should be replaced in time to extend the machine life.

The operation of plastic blowing machine in dalian: the equipment is not heating, heating temperature and time is not required, it is not allowed to start extruder and rotary die head, otherwise it will damage the equipment. In the raw material when the bag should check for wet materials, wet materials do not mix, must be dry in the drying room, can be used. Die head and die cleaning can only use copper chip to clean the mold mouth, not to use a shovel knife, iron blade to wipe the die, otherwise would cause the damage of the die.

Plastic blowing machine guide roller, including rubber roller and rollers, can not be cut with the blade, otherwise it will cause the cutting of the guide roller. Extruder filter and corona processor must be replaced periodically filtering and cleaning, general requirements within 24 hours to 48 hours filter must be replaced and the silicon roller clean with alcohol corona processor. The specification of filter screen: for the second layer 80 eyes, a layer of 100 purpose three layers of filter screen. The corona processor guide roller does not have the film to move around and must not turn on the corona processor. Once the film is broken or down, the corona processor should be turned off urgently, so that the corona can not be burnt. No corona treatment or corona treatment does not reach 38 dyne film not to be put into the finished product, otherwise it will cause a serious accident of compound quality.

Plastic film blowing machine

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