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The application field is expanding in three layers of the film machine

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The application field is expanding in three layers of the film machine

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The application field is expanding in three layers of the film machine

For more than 20 years of reform and opening-up, the rapid development of plastic packaging industry of China is steady, has been from the early stages of a dispersion become independent the development of the industry, product category is complete modern industrial system. According to speculation, to 2005 years in the field of plastic packaging materials in China market demand will reach 5.5 million tons, with an average annual growth rate of demand 1 o %, the fastest growing in the plastic products industry, is a sunrise industry has a broad development prospect.

Among them, the film is the largest amount of plastic packaging materials, because of its non-toxic, light weight, beautiful packaging, the characteristics of low capital and develop application field, almost penetrated into all aspects of the agricultural and industrial products and daily necessities, plastic packaging film industry investment is growing rapidly.

The film is a thin and soft transparent sheet made of plastic, adhesive, rubber or other material. The film can be a transparent solid, liquid or a thin layer of gas sandwiched between two pieces of glass, widely used in electronics, machinery, printing and other industries. Now society is developing rapidly, and under pressure from competition, film makers and mechanical manufacturers are constantly accelerating their development.

If the product quality and performance of the film can reach the requirements, the extruder is crucial. We call it the three layers of the heart of the film equipment. More than three layers co-extrusion head can configure each layer a extrusion machine, can also according to the specific structure between the layers of the products, the products of the same resin, the level of the same color configuration a extrusion machine, so that the machine is compact, manufacturing capital.

But when the structure of the product changes, if the raw material of each layer is different or the formula is different, the equipment is very tight, cannot process the product that the customer needs. Therefore, in order to make the machine more flexible and adaptable, it is good to consider the number of machine head and extruder in the selection of equipment.

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