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Plastic blowing machine is moving towards energy conservation and emission reduction

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Plastic blowing machine is moving towards energy conservation and emission reduction

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Plastic blowing machine is moving towards energy conservation and emission reduction

The development of plastic industry has led to the development of plastic machinery industry. In recent years, the annual growth rate of plastic machinery industry in China has been around 30%, which is one of the fastest growing industries in China's machinery industry. At present, domestic plastic processing machinery basically can meet the domestic demand, but compared with the world advanced level, there is still a certain gap in the quality stability, the degree of automation. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 700 major manufacturers in China. In 2005, the output value of China's plastic machine industry was about 20 billion yuan, while domestic market demand was around 30 billion yuan.

Filtering value: easy dispersion, low filtering value is to measure an important indicator of toner, filter the low wing solid orange in the plastic blown film process less easy dispersion, produce the phenomenon on net, the blown film products bright color and uniform; Plastic blow molding general requirements and heat-resistant temperature tolerance: 180 ℃, 200 ℃, temperature tolerance, 5-10 minutes long so the temperature resistance of toner used must meet the requirements;

Transparency: in blown film products, certain transparency is also a kind of measure, transparency vary according to customer requirements, but ever and solid orange pigment transparency between batches must be close to and reach a certain standard can, high and low is unqualified;

Dalian plastic film blowing machine resistance transference: resistance transference refers to paint transfer from one medium to another medium, blown film with pigment resistance transference is bad words likely to rub off phenomenon, so asked to blown film by solid orange forever will have certain resistance transference; In the process of producing thin film, the blowing machine shows good market adaptability, improves production efficiency, provides convenience for people, and promotes social harmony development. Food packaging is the most important area of film application. The high - grade film blown out by the film blowing machine can be used as the product packaging propaganda to improve the commercial value.

Continuously toward the direction of energy saving and emission reduction, green energy saving ideas into more and more, many high consumption and inefficient mechanical products on the market to be being washed out gradually, plastic film blowing machine industry but also keep up with the specification, the energy conservation and emissions reduction, machinery manufacturing industry application of high-tech plastic blown film machine, to produce a new type of blown film machine complied with the diversification of market demand.

Plastic film blowing machine

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