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The three-layer co-extrusion film machine ADAPTS to the diversified demand of the market

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The three-layer co-extrusion film machine ADAPTS to the diversified demand of the market

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The three layers of PE heavy packing film have the excellent performance of single layer PE film. There is wide selectivity in the application of materials, which can fully reflect different levels of functions, with good strength, toughness, openings, moisture resistance, transparency and heat sealing properties. Widely used in chemical raw materials, packaging, food, fertilizers and other commodities are suitable for all kinds of bags, bags, garbage pickup bag production, also can be used as a basic material printing, compound, has a large market.

The problem is that most of the people who have just entered the plastic blowing industry are troubled by the high temperature blowing film of the three-layer coextruder. The so-called blown film machine USES a high temperature blown film, which means the screw of the film blowing machine, the screw of the film blowing machine and the temperature of the blowing mould head. In fact, the film blowing machine USES a high temperature film, there is no fixed temperature.

In the development of new industrialization, equipment automation and high efficiency are the important characteristics of production process. Application of high-tech, blown film machine manufacturing industry to produce a new type of blown film machine, not only to meet the needs of the diversification of the market, at the same time, advanced production process and technology for energy conservation and emissions reduction, has brought the economic benefits at the same time, also increased the social benefit, the development of a new strategic target for the enterprise.

Check and add the lubricating oil in the gearbox and air compressor to check the lubrication of each mechanical transmission parts. Avoid drying and damaging machinery and making noise. In the film forming condition, the forming temperature, cooling air temperature and blowing ratio are improved. Then the film turbidity increases, the gloss decreases; Instead, improve. Copper knife, rod or compressed air can be used to clean extruder and die, but avoid damage to screw and screw surface.

Die discharge uniform, can wear gloves slowly lift tube billet, pipe end will be closed at the same time, the micro into gas regulator, from central hole of the plug in a small amount of compressed air, and then carefully stiff foam frame, plates, and wear into the traction roller, guide roller and coiling (such as want embossing after embossing roll) of the pipe blowing compressed air pressure to appropriate, cannot make the pipe burst, and to guarantee the stability of membrane tube symmetry, relative to guarantee the quality of production.

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